Renewing argan oil of Morocco






Forever on a quest to improve the condition of my hair I purchased this cheaper version of the famous Moroccan oil, this one being the Ogx version which you can pick up for about 6.99 in most beauty stores, I got mine on offer at Superdrug a few weeks back for about 4.99. The original retails at around £30.00 and I just can’t afford to spend that on one product right now. I’d heard good things about this product before I bought it, hearing that it was a dead ringer for the original Moroccan oil, and about 25% of the price how could I not try it?.

My review is a bit biased I’m afraid, I’ve never tried the original Moroccan Oil only the Ogx version. I have friends though that tell me wonderful things about Moroccan Oil so I’m not going to compare the two, I am only going to give my opinion on the Ogx version.

My hair type is very wavy which means its quite dry, especially at the ends of my hair. And being partly highlighted doesn’t help it to stay in the best condition, despite all this though its in pretty good health. I bought this mainly to help the ends stop splitting and to give it a bit of shine too.

As fair as hair oils go its good, it does the job it makes my hair soft and gives it a bit of shine too, while smelling gorgeous too. It says to apply a small amount to hair, I probably use more than that seeing as my hair is quite thick and dry I can afford to, if you have finer hair I’d only use a tiny bit.

I will be honest, my hair type being what it is I think its going to be very hard to completely transform it with just an oil, but it does do what its meant to and smooths hair leaving it soft and shiny. I’ve noticed in the past that with some oils they begin to dry my hair out, this hasn’t done that so far so thats another bonus.

Overall I’d say this was a very decent product which I’ll defiantly purchase again. In the future I’ll be trying the Argan oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner seeing as the oil did such a good job.

Has anyone else tried both the moroccan oils? If so did you notice any difference?.

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2 thoughts on “Renewing argan oil of Morocco

  1. I thought I was purchasing something like this when I got a similar spray. Although I like what I got, it has no lasting effects (and I put that to the fact that it is in spray form, not oil). You definitely sparked my curiosity on this. I may just have to search out this product!

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